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Not literally the end, but we are quickly approaching the end of this very eventful - both positively and negatively - long year.

As a young, somewhat of a millennial and somewhat of a "Gen X" woman, who is also a first generation Haitian American, I would like to remind all of us in this age group to love on our parents – or whoever raised you and provided for you during your time growing up.

I can admit, I know it’s hard to reason with our loved ones sometimes, especially if they are older and more stuck in their ways.

But as we come close to the end of the year, pick up the phone and call – or swing by surprisingly.

I remember my dad’s first job in America was picking fruit in an orchard that he would walk to every morning. As the years went on and he was able to save and work more, he bought a car – but still worked mostly hard labor jobs up until I was about to graduate high school. He didn’t do that to show how macho he was or to even prove a point. He worked those jobs and all those hours because of his love for his family. My dad loved us so much that he worked day in and day out, sometimes without an adequate amount of sleep. I would give anything to hear lectures about how I dress, or the importance of school, or even just a hug.

As I grew older, I started to understand why he was so strict – we live in a dog-eat-dog world!

But if it wasn’t for my father’s provisions and guidance, I don’t know if I would be as successful as I am today.

We were best friends! And I think of him daily. There was a robe I bought him for literally $5 at the local Rite-Aid. Even when he was in the hospital, he would ask for it; Anywhere he was in the house, he had it on.

This is not a story to make you sad or anxious.

Yes, its titled “Fin”, but in all honesty, we can create our own beginnings, however and whatever that looks like for you. Don’t let this holiday season go by without telling the people who matter the most how much they mean to you, the feelings are usually reciprocated.

Get your mom or grandma some flowers or take them to the nail salon. Get your dad some new brakes for his car – because we all know he probably needs a new set.

If you are an older sibling like me, learn to listen more to your younger siblings and try to be a little less judgmental. I struggle with this myself – but for my baby sister, I am trying, and she sees it, hopefully.

And if you are a younger sibling, know that everything your older sibling does sets the precedent for the family to include siblings, cousins, etc. And not because we want it to – its literally are birth-right. That’s why we’re (speaking for the collective here) always stressed and are sometimes hard on you, but with love – of course.

And don’t forget, L’Union fait la force et Joyeux Noël!



With Love and Peace,

Sarah Chanel

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